Sponsorships & Donations

We give of our resources.

Feed the City provides food items such as bread, meat, ground provision, snacks and drinks (just to name a few). We also give household items such as cleaners, toiletries and even baby diapers.

This list by no means tells just how much we give. When we request help from businesses and individuals, we organize what is donated and allow recipients great freedom in choosing what to take home.

If you have something to give, do partner with us.

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If you will not be able to give items, that’s fine; we’d very much appreciate your help in keeping things flowing.

Join those of us who choose to give of our time in helping on the days we distribute donations.

Just handing over an item with a smile or kind word is more than enough – we’ll take it


Give a hand, and a smile.

Give Items

Give food and essential items.

Donate Money

Give cash for Feed the City related expenses.